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Los Angeles coworking space and podcast studios for creative people, accepting members and day passes.

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Space to focus

xTribe is designed for content creators, but is suitable for anyone that needs to focus.
Podcast Hosts

Fully equipped podcast studios capable of 4K live streaming with audience sets and breakout space.

Independent Filmmakers

Configurable sets equipped with cameras, lights, dollies and cranes, and furniture variations.

Influencers & Gamers

Chroma green screen studios equipped with gimbals, gaming consoles ready for TikTok, Instagram and Twitch streaming.

Editors & Animators

Spacious desks with 4K monitors and optional edit bay equipment in a private, naturally lit space.


Podcast Studios

The xTribe sets and studios are easy to use for novice creators, yet powerful enough for professionals.

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The best way to experience the coworking space is to be in it for a day. Reserve a desk in our whisper-quiet coworking space and immerse yourself into your work.
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Well located


Located atop the vast bustling coffee shop Awakening.


Over 80 seats in the Awakening Cyber Patio are available for you & your guests to meet over coffee or lunch.

The menu @ Awakening

LAX Airport

8 minutes

Santa Monica

13 minutes

Downtown Los Angeles

22 minutes

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We'd love to show you around our podcast studios, film studios and coworking space.
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